Friday, January 9, 2015

Love is like a forest fire

I found the following in my college creative writing journal, from many years ago, the spring of 2000. I'm trying to remember what I thought, felt, and experienced when I wrote the following.

Love is like a forest fire
It only takes a spark
And your whole world goes up in flames.

Sounds good, right?
You’ve missed the point.
Everything burns.

You don’t expect much from a spark.
But when it takes over your world,
You demand it give to you what you gave to it.

Love is fire.
It strengthens as it destroys.
It requires your air to survive.

It takes from you, one branch at a time,
And it can be great,
If it lends you equal support.

Or it can tear you down,
One limb at a time,

A mountain of ash that was once a great forest of trees.

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