Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Artist and Comic Expo: So Much Horror Swag!

I'm going all out for Peoria's Artist & Comic Expo (ACE) on June 11 and 12, and I sure hope you'll join me there!

What will guests have a chance to get? Besides tons of artists, comics, cosplay, vendors, food, entertainment and more, I want to make it worth your time to stop by and see me.

Here's what you'll get from me:

1. ACE attendees will be the FIRST to get a copy of my new book, Nightmares Under The Moonlight! 

2. ACE attendees will get Nightmares at a special discount! The retail price in stores and online is $9.99. But for you: Just $7.50!

3. Actually, I'll make it even cheaper for you, if you get a copy of Rabbit in Red that weekend, too. Get Rabbit in Red for $15 and I'll add Nightmares for only $5! That's TWO books for $20!

4. ACE attendees also get access to some awesome swag! Purchase either book from me and get this Rabbit in Red signed poster (by the artist, Camron Johnson) AND a Fitz of Horror sticker (Fitz is the coolest Facebook horror page, ever-- go give it a like!) while supplies last.

5. But that's not all! How cool would these magnets look on your fridge? 

I'm talking about the magnets for my books, of course, not my kick-ass Pac-Man or Game of Thrones magnets. Whatever book(s) you buy from me during the ACE weekend, I'll give you that magnet for FREE, too!

6. Oh, how about just one more freebie? 

I have brand new Rabbit in Red coasters! You can get this with ANY purchase, too!

So-- two awesome books for twenty bucks. Both signed. Plus a poster signed by the artist. Plus a couple of magnets. Plus a coaster. Oh, and you'll be part of the first group to get Nightmares Under The Moonlight. That sounds like a heck of a deal, don't you think? (And I'm still working on one more extra, actually!)

It's all because I want to share these passions with you. These books-- the stories in them, the time and energy they took-- I love them, and I hope you will, too. And it's also because I want to do all I can to celebrate amazing local events like Peoria's Artist & Comic Expo (give their page a like)! 

For my wonderful readers who live too far away to attend ACE, I sure hope you'll keep following. I've got a very special opportunity for you coming soon, too. Imagine all of the above items boxed together with ONE MORE surprise . . . it could be yours, and I'll give you all the details about that later this June.

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Get the details about ACE here!

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