Sunday, November 6, 2016

Capture November's Horror Block!

The month has finally arrived, November of 2016. For this author, this is the month I've been waiting for since June of 2014.

It's time for Horror Block.

And it's a big deal. 

EDIT: See my WMBD TV interview HERE! We break the news that I'm the first United States author to have a book featured in the block!

So what am I even talking about?

First, if you don't know, Horror Block is the hottest pop culture horror box in the world. For $19.99, you get a ton of swag delivered to your doorstep. It's a mystery, too, so you never know exactly what you're going to get. Every month comes with an exclusive t-shirt and fun items that never disappoint. Here are some of my favorites, from pillow cases to art to Funko to autographs to movies to just really unique, collectible items.

And in the November 2016 Horror Block, subscribers will receive Rabbit in Red!

And why am I excited? Well, the dream I had since I started writing Rabbit in Red was that it would be cool enough to be included in Horror Block. I made a reference to Horror Block in chapter one. When I was first offered a contract deal for my series (Feb 2015), I talked to the publisher on the phone and asked her if she thought this would be possible. She chuckled, but-- perhaps to humor me-- said "anything's possible." In the summer of 2015, I tweeted Horror Block and told them about my book. I kept that up for about a year, and-- in the meantime-- did everything I could to promote the book and make it successful.

In the summer of 2016, I received a beautiful message: "We read your book, we loved it, and we're going to need a quote on 14,000-16,000 paperbacks. We want to send your book to all of our subscribers."

Now, I'm spoiling the fact that you get my book, but there will be 4-6 other items in the box. I don't know what those are, but we've been given a preview. Here's what I know.

Horror Block posted the above image on their Facebook page. Could one of those be a hint about Rabbit in Red? In my book, the characters have to reenact the Freddy vs Jason fight as part of a horror competition, and the main character's favorite Christmas movie is Gremlins. I'm guessing we'll get something else from each of those movies, and they've just tied my book in nicely with this month's theme.

In the October 2016 box, they sent this preview:

I'm really excited to see what else will be included in the block with Rabbit in Red!

And, for me of course, it's just a huge accomplishment and honor to be included.

I've been steadfast that there's nothing traditional about publishing anymore. It took a lot of outside-the-box-thinking to be included in the box.

And, of course, I really hope this helps everyone who has helped me. Sure, I want to be as successful as possible, but the ultimate goal has always been to help others. I want to open doors so that I can push some other talented folk through those same doors. That's my dream.

I proposed to Horror Block that we use a new cover. Although we could have used the original, they love their exclusives, so we're using the art from Camron Johnson Illustrations to send a new version of the book to thousands around the world.

I added a couple of promotional pages for the teams that have helped me, including Terribly Happy (who created the awesome song "Enter the Rabbit" for the book), Apartment Two (who took some kick-ass pictures of me for book two's promotion), and Fitz of Horror (who voiced the audio of Rabbit in Red but has been a great friend and constant promoter, sharing the book to his near 100,000 Facebook fans).

It's the collaboration, you see, that I hope not just helps me, but helps all of them, too. And, of course, there's my team at Four Phoenixes Publishing. My hope is that 16,000 plus horror fans will need to know what else and who else publishes with this great team.

I don't know what's next, but it's exciting. I simply thank all of you-- readers and friends-- for supporting me and my relentless pursuit of my dreams, even through lots of rabbit holes.

Now, be sure you subscribe to Horror Block this month. There's a countdown to when subscriptions close on their website. At the time of this post, you have 19 days or until they sell out. Don't hesitate-- order yours now! When you get it in the mail, take a picture and tag me on Facebook.

And if you absolutely can't wait, here's where else you can get the book and connect with me.

Available at Barnes and Noble, online retailers like Amazon, or request a copy from your favorite, local bookstore or library.

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The second book in the series, Burn the Rabbit, is available now, too.

Get Rabbit in Red, the book voted FAVORITE HORROR BOOK OF 2016, today!

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