Sunday, May 21, 2017

SpearCraft Book Box Review

I'm a huge fan of subscription boxes. I love getting gifts and surprises in the mail every month. I'm a big horror nerd, so of course I subscribe to Horror Block. I recently added Bark Box for my puppy. I've tried lots of others-- Loot Crate, Geek Fuel, and more. I enjoy them all.

Recently, I ordered my first book subscription box. Like other boxes often do, this one announced a theme but the contents of the box are a surprise. You get a book selected by the company that fits the theme with other related gifts.

My first book subscription that I ordered was SpearCraft Book Box.

View when first opening the box: Everything is packed neatly and to make the surprise even better!

The theme was "Cloak and Dagger"-- so we're promised a mystery/spies/detective kind of story. Every book is YA themed, too. And personally-- I don't care if I'm a 38 year old dude, YA tales are fun and for all ages. So whether you're a teen, have a teenage kid, or just enjoy stories with teen characters, you can get into this.

Subscriptions are $29.99 plus shipping. There are options to do just one box, gift a box, or even get a box with just the extra gifts without the book,. SO, the questions are: How was the box? Was it worth the price? Will I keep subscribing?

Here's what was included:

Sherlock inspired ribbon bookmark with magnifying glass. How fun!

Signed print by author Lannie Sheridan

Sherlock Holmes inspired necklace 
Bookstagram confetti from Pretty Little Liars

Harry Potter origami magnets!

Sherlock Magnet Bookmark (my puppy thought it was her toy, so excuse the teeth marks)

The Book!

The book was buried last under all of the above gifts (and even more I haven't mentioned yet!). It's a brand new, hardcover release called The Love Interest. It's about teens who were taken from their homes as infants and raised/trained to be spies. But the cool twist is this: The teen spies are used only to get someone important to fall in love with them so they can report back to their agency with valuable information. The agency classifies spies as either NICE or BAD, and they send one Nice and one Bad to compete for the girl's love interest. (There's a really cool section about why they don't just send one-- giving the person a choice is more effective). So, two bad ass male spies have to win over a super important girl, and guess what happens to the won who loses?

He's killed.

Sounds fun. Oh, and want one more twist that I THINK is coming? Well, Cale Dietrich, the author, included a letter and a signed card with the book. The letter makes me think that the two male spies actually fall for each other-- or at least one of them isn't really into girls at all. So we've got a whole lot of interesting twists coming.

I'm 60 pages in, and I enjoy the writing style, the unique plot, and the fast-paced nature of the book. It's a great choice by SpearCraft-- fun, fast, and fresh. 

Here's a list of everything that was included in May's box:

So, do you think that's worth $30? Hell yeah! The hardcover itself would cost you about $20 plus tax. Then all those unique gifts-- bookmarks, art, magnets, autographs. WOW. What I love most is that it's not stuff you'd find in a store. I love my Funkos and things like that, but to get handmade crafts that are truly unique greatly enhances the value of the box.

So, I'd say the box is 5 stars, 10/10, A+. Great job, SpearCraft.

Is it worth the price? No doubt about it.

Will I subscribe again? I already have. I'm excited for June's theme-- it's Mansions and Manors, inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion. How fun!

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