Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big goals start with small steps

It is not easy to completely change one’s lifestyle and accomplish major goals. Consider the following example: Do you wish you had a savings account of $10,000?

Now I wonder, how many of you have a savings account of $10,000? It takes time and at first it seems impossible. However, like every major goal, it starts with small steps. How many years have you been working full-time? More than 4? Do you realize that if you committed to saving just $50 a week that in four years time you would have built a savings account of over $10,000? Imagine keeping that habit for 30 years: you’d have $80,000 plus interest in your savings account!

The thought of saving for that amount of time may seem very difficult, but it starts with baby steps. Commit to saving $50 a week for 10 weeks. At the end of 10 weeks, ask yourself: How hard was that? Ok, now commit to another 10 weeks. Then another. Then another. As the years pass you by, you will have a generous savings account and the peace of mind that comes with such security.

Of course, I am no finance expert. I write this blog to primarily encourage fitness. We know that we should be active over our lifetime, but it is often hard to know how to begin and even harder to stay committed.

So start simple. Make a promise that you will be active for 60 or even 90 days. Make a calendar, keep track of the days and workouts, and celebrate when you hit #60 or #90 or whatever your personal goal is. Then reflect on that journey: do you feel better now? Do you look better? If so, then make a commitment to do another 90 days.

Just like saving money over a lifetime, you will be creating the body, the health, and the energy you have always wanted.

Change starts with a simple commitment not a lofty promise. Commit to a 60 or 90 day program.  It won’t be long until you have realized you have changed your entire life for the better.

You can make your own routines for the number of days you commit to, but mix it up: include different types of cardio and a variety of weight lifting or strength training exercises.

Even better, commit to a proven program that guarantees to produce results. Today I realized I completed day 51 of the 90 day program P90X2. It does not even feel like 51 days. I already know that at the end of this 90 I will commit to another 90. And another. And it will be an incredible lifelong journey, initiated by a simple commitment to exercise for just the next 90 days.

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