Monday, April 13, 2015

Bill's Nightmare by Artist Tracie VerKuilen

When I first signed a book contract, I had a hundred ideas for fun things I wanted to do to help pass on the excitement I have for the story. One such idea was to connect with interested artists, and give them a brief scene or character from Rabbit in Red and see what they (no restrictions) visualized.

It's also a chance to give credit to hard-working and talented artists.

The first such artist who volunteered for this is a current college student of mine, Tracie VerKuilen. Tracie is a talented young woman with ambitions of being a published author too. She graduated from Peoria Notre Dame High School (me too!) and is attending Illinois Central College, focusing on English and Psychology (I was an English major and also attended ICC!). We clearly had a lot in common as students, and I have full confidence that she will see all of her dreams come true.

Thank you, Tracie, for this contribution. It's the first piece of art I have received for my writing. I plan on framing it, and always letting it be a reminder of one of my biggest philosophies: artists support one another and cheer one another on. Success comes from those who champion others. That's why I know you'll be successful in all of your future ambitions.

I love this scene for many reasons. In my very first drafts, this was the opening to the story. Bill Wise, one Rabbit in Red main character, woke from a nightmare. Of course, he's a horror enthusiast and his bedroom is full of terrifying items that may trigger dark thoughts.

As of now, we first meet Bill in the middle of action, and we don't see his bedroom or get to know the nightmares that plague him until later in the story. But the things that haunt him at night and the passions that get him through his days are incredibly important parts of the story.

I gave Tracie just a page or two of this section, and above is what she invented in her imagination.

Isn't it just freaking' AMAZING?

Again, thank you, Tracie. I love it.

Look for Rabbit in Red, my horror adventure, in September of this year.

Thanks to everyone for your support with my projects. If you'd like to contribute art, you can e-mail me at and we will discuss that.

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