Sunday, May 3, 2015

Vachtor Finds a Home by SC Hallen and Sharron Henderson

New from Distinguished Press: Vachtor Finds a Home (Guardian of the Heart Book One). 

Meet Vachtor, a little lost puppy who learns what it means to become part of a family and be a brave dog. This book tells how he found his home and his friends. Start your adventures with Vachtor today!

Vachtor, Guardian of the Heart, is a children’s book series created by SC Hallen. Her incredible talents and love for family have filled this series with adventure, love, and emotion. Vachtor is a German Shortair Pointer puppy that is rescued by what becomes his new family. He learns what it means to grow into a proud, bold young dog wrapped in love.

SC Hallen works with Sharron Henderson to bring life to the incredible puppy that is Vachtor, the Guardian of the Heart. With vivid images and exciting stories, this series will follow him through life’s adventures. This well-crafted and planned series starts with Vachtor Finds a Home.

The first book of the series, Vachtor Finds a Home follows our pup from his rescue by some furry friends and their family to adoption and choosing his name.

Our official release party is on Friday May 8, but you can get your copy now over at Amazon today

Share the story with young readers and parents who will fall in love with Vachtor! 

Three fun facts from this great children’s book series:

1.   SC Hallen wanted this to be for any family, no matter where they are from or what they look like. That is why there are  almost no humans in the illustrations.

2.   The Vachtor stories are based on SC Hallen’s real, live dog that she found near a ditch when he was a puppy. There are parts of each story that really happened.

3.   Look closely at the pictures, Ms. Henderson has hidden something in every drawing. Can you find the heart?

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