Monday, June 1, 2015

A SuperWhoLock Artist: Getting to Know Tracie VerKuilen

I’d like to introduce you to an incredible student artist, Tracie VerKuilen. A passionate and talented artist, Tracie drew the first “fan art” image for my upcoming novel, Rabbit in Red.

I gave Tracie a short description of one of my characters. It’s amazing to see what others envision. Isn’t that the joy of reading? Creating your own image of the characters and their surroundings? In this drawing, Tracie drew a character’s nightmare. When you read the book, you’ll understand why I love the drawing so much.

After she drew this, I wanted to learn a little more about her to share with you. I firmly believe that art inspires art, and whether you like to write, draw, sing, or act, we can always use some extra inspiration.

Tracie is a 2-D artist who mainly does pencil drawings, but she also loves paintings. Some of her work is based partially on references, but she prefers to use her own imagination. Drawing is a relaxing pastime for her. She’ll listen to music and paint or draw, using art as a way to express any number of emotions she’s experiencing. She’s also a writer, and she likes to draw the characters from her own book. It helps her connect to them and add to their personality to have that visual medium in addition to words on paper.

I asked Tracie what advice she has for aspiring artists. She recommends that artists find their comfort zones. She took a class in high school that offered a little bit of everything to let people find what aspects in which they had talent and interest. She found hers in drawing, and like any subject, she says, “You won’t be the next Picasso in a single day. It takes practice and dedicated time.”

She enjoys working in the comfort of her basement, surrounded also by her PlayStation and laptop. She writes “fanfics” for various series, including Welcome to the Night Vale and an original short story about the Marauders in Harry Potter. You can find some of those stories over here at Archive of Our Own.

In terms of books, Tracie loves the Artemis Fowl series for its originality and is also a huge fan of the Bartimaeus books, which in part are about a sassy genie bound to serve a young wizard’s apprentice who tried to summon something too powerful in order to prove himself to his master.

Below you’ll find a picture of one of her favorite drawings, which she created using a mix of charcoal and pencil. It’s titled “SuperWhoLock,”which is inspired by three of her favorite television series: BBC’s Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

If you want to follow Tracie’s work, you can find her on Tumblr and Archive of Our Own.

Thanks, Tracie, for your contribution to Rabbit in Red!


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