Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rabbit in Red Art & Trailers

As of today, I am officially in the double digit (finally!) count down till my book Rabbit in Red is published!

To celebrate, I wanted to create a short blog post where I would post all of the Rabbit in Red media to share with you, in case you've missed any of these awesome things. There are a lot more side projects in the works-- a couple of big collaborations I've very excited to share with you in time.

I also want to thank anyone who is reading this. I've always written, but a lot has changed since this time last year. In fact, it was about this exact day last year (I remember it being the first week of my summer classes) when I sat down in the backyard to read a book. A few pages in, I got this incredible idea. Art inspires art! In one afternoon, I outlined Rabbit in Red and spent every day writing. Thirty days later, I had 70,000 words. I was that passionate about this project.

It's a very different story from that last summer after too many rounds of revisions to count. As they say, first drafts are pretty much always complete shit :) But you have to start somewhere.

One book that's been over a year in the making-- that's how writing and publication work.

It releases September 18, 2015. I hope you'll be as excited to read it as I am to share it with you.

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And now, to celebrate: here's a collection of Rabbit in Red media so far.

A possible Rabbit in Red logo

Rabbit in Red is the name of a movie production studio that turns out to be oh so much more in my story! This is the art one of my best friends, Brandy Kennington, drew for me. 

Unofficial Trailer #1

The above is the first trailer I created-- watch for a preview and I hope you catch all the horror references!

Bill's Nightmare

This great drawing was created by Tracie Verkuilen. You can read more about it and her here.

Unofficial Trailer #2

Once I had some art work, I had to make a second trailer-- check out the above. I love the scary music (credit for that goes to iMovie, of course). 

Jaime and Tara Stein
This is a cool drawing made by Toni Ritchie. Jaime Stein is a major character, and her little sister will play an important role as the story progresses. You can read more about that and Toni here.

Rose Dawn
Meet Rose Dawn, another important character. This sweet sketch was designed by Kim Loan. Read more about the character Rose and the artist Kim here.

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