Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My problems with The Walking Dead

I welcome guest blogger, Kalee Christian, to my blog today! Feel free to comment and discuss her problems with The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead universe has been a rather large part of my life since the very first day the television show aired. I remember sitting around with my father, grandmother, and grandfather to watch what would soon become my favorite thing on air. However, when you get past what an amazing job Robert Kirkman does, there’s a few things that irk me to the core. With how season six ended (Spoilers from here on down! You’ve been warned!), I figured now was a perfect time to work out the issues I’ve been experiencing.

  1. How are you still driving?
Gas has an expiration date, and it’s typically not this far into the fall of humanity. On average, gas can last about four months, but maybe up to eight if you add in a stabilizer. So, let's assume everyone knew that the dead was coming back to live, headed on over to their local auto store and bought the aforementioned stabilizer. That would still, at the very most, provide up to eight months. Now, even though the Walking Dead doesn’t date anything, it is a pretty safe bet to assume that more than eight months has passed in the six seasons. Lori’s baby drama proving this alone (but let’s not get started on that and how Judith is still around). While I’ll still take into account the fact that it is a television show, I’d still like some real aspects. It’d also change our character’s world right around if they couldn’t magically drive everywhere. It also would have saved one of our character’s from Negan, and Lucille wouldn’t have taken the place of Sammy Sosa’s corked bat for everyone’s least favorite bat scandal.

        2.) Speaking of cars, lets talk about Rick’s rides.
Again, assuming the predictability of the impending apocalypse, it’s safe to assume that car deals promptly launched all of their newest vehicles as soon as possible. That’s the only way it would make sense for Rick to be driving a car that wasn’t released until 2013 in season four. Keeping in mind that the show started in 2010, something that could perhaps be pushed back until 2011, it still seems odd that a shiney new little car would come about. Again, still know it’s a TV show, but does Robert Kirkman know that reality is sometimes way cooler than pretend? Sometimes.
        3.) No one can shoot until we need them to shoot.
This is true for any production, but nonetheless still irking. Take the best shot in this hypothetical universe, and they’ll just so happen to miss the main character in any situation. While no one wants their favorite to die, no one should be able to miss fifty shots in a row when it comes to aiming at the aforementioned character. Most recently, an example of this would be the sneak attack that occurred when Rick and company come into contact with the Red Rover set of walkers blocking their RV’s path. Sneaking up on an unsuspecting group that are located under you, it’s pretty damn hard to miss the shot but that’s just what happened.
        4.) Carol’s suicide (Super spoiler for books too!)
In the comics, Carol does herself in by becoming too friendly with a hungry walker. It’s a big change from the Carol we see in today’s TV verse, but still a huge plot that comes along in the comics. Sophia’s alive, Andrea becomes Rick’s ‘wife’, and Carl takes nine zombie filled years to sleep with a girl. The question of would these things still occur, and in what order, certainly come up with the idea of Carol still being around. It makes for one of the most iconic Walking Dead deaths - perhaps right after Glenn’s unfortunate end.

      5.) Why can’t The Walking Dead be on HBO?
Now, this isn’t something that Kirkman or any other show runners really had a say in, but it’s still a damn valid question. There’s a lot of plots that couldn’t make it on to TV, like how during the time in the prison, a child rapist comes in to sexually assault then behead Hersel’s children. It would have been perhaps one of the most interesting plots to see acted out, but isn’t safe for AMC. It’d be interesting to see an unedited Walking Dead be on the same level as Game of Thrones, and something that I can only hope for. 

Kalee Christian is an intern for Four Phoenixes Publishing, which houses, among many great books, my novel-- Rabbit in Red! Check it out, especially if you're a TWD fan. It's the book readers say horror fans must read!

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