Thursday, January 28, 2016

Episode Two Recap

On Wednesday, January 27, the 2nd episode of All in the Reflexes went live! My special guests were the amazing trio of Kyle, James, and Logan from the pop-punk band Terribly Happy.

You can watch the show in its entirety here, and it's most definitely worth checking out!

But for those of you more limited in time, let me recap my five favorite moments from episode two, presented to you here in nice bite-sized portions!

The above clip comes from our round of "fill in the musical lyrics" trivia. James provided my absolute favorite answer, and I'll never forget it! "Party Rock is in the BUILDING tonight." Thanks for the laughs :)

In the above clip, you get to see Kyle imitate Logan in a Whose Line style improv game. James, as someone possessed by the devil is great, too. But the look on Logan's face when he figures out that Kyle is impersonating him: Priceless!

One of the reasons I enjoy working with these guys is because it's so clear the enjoy working with one another. In this Q & A about the band, Logan says something very meaningful: they're friends first and band mates second, and that's why they work so well together.

And of course, don't forget to preview their new song, officially releasing on Valentine's Day!

What can you do now?

I'd love for you to give Terribly Happy a like on their Facebook page HERE! Plus, visit their Bandcamp site to listen to their music.

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