Thursday, January 14, 2016

Episode One and a New Newsletter

Last night was the first episode of All in the Reflexes, a live web talk show that I'm hosting twice a month. It was beyond fun! My special guest Ruben Ramirez talked about his passions, including motivational speaking to Tupac and more. He performed Al Pacino's "One Inch" speech from Any Given Sunday. If you don't have time for the whole episode, at least jump to 16:45 to see that.

Check out episode one here!

We end with a silly game where we can only talk in questions with Kayla Fast. I'm amazed at how horribly I did at my own game, but it was fun.

I'm doing this show to talk about people in our community who are doing cool things. Ruben's a student of mine, and I can't help but take a lot of pride in everything he's doing. I hope you'll take a look inside the episode to learn all about him.

The next episode will be Wed Jan 27 with the pop-punk band Terribly Happy! I'll be interviewing the three band members-- Kyle, James, and Logan-- about all sorts of fun topics.

I've also created a new newsletter, and I hope you'll take the time to sign up. I promise not to spam your e-mail. It will be a monthly newsletter sometime during the first week of each month.

I want the first one to be extra special, so I'm giving you all a special short story called "Whispers and Flames!" Yep, giving it away! It takes place in between books one and two in the Rabbit in Red series, and it will give you a teaser of what you can expect from book two.

In addition, I'll use the newsletter to preview each month's guests on All in the Reflexes! Plus, we'll do giveaways and prizes. I've got some awesome new swag on its way right now, and I'm going to give away a swag bag of goodies to a new subscriber, but you'll have to subscribe and read the first newsletter to learn how to win!

Sign up here:

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I'll also make sure subscribers are the FIRST to know about new projects and will receive exclusive content (like book excerpts) that I won't share anywhere else.

I'm excited about the future! I get to interview lots of cool people in All in the Reflexes, and I'm working very hard on the Rabbit in Red series, in hopes that it genuinely becomes one of your favorites.

Thanks for following this journey.

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