Friday, January 22, 2016

What's All in the Reflexes?

It’s a question that is destined to come up every time I do a show: What the heck is All in the Reflexes?


So, here’s a summary for you.

It’s a live talk show that I’m streaming on the web. I want to focus, initially, on central Illinois guys and girls doing incredible things. We’ll talk about life’s passions, we’ll play games, and we’ll chat about pop culture. It’s a grab bag of fun, but the focus will be on a person or persons from our community doing cool stuff.

Episode one featured ICC student and motivational speaker, Ruben Ramirez. Episode two will feature local pop-punk band, Terribly Happy—Logan Kiesewetter, Kyle Hamon, and James Wylie.

The shows air the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. I’ve been inspired by lots of things—like podcasts—but I wanted to put my own spin and twist on it. So it’s a webcam show, and it’s LIVE. You can always watch it later, too, but there’s something special about live shows, don’t you think? Anything can happen, and there’s no editing!

Why am I doing this? I like connecting with people. I'm a communication professor-- it's kind of my thing! I’m also an author with his first book on the shelves. It’s called Rabbit in Red, and it’s an exciting first story in a horror trilogy. The web show allows me to connect with more interested and interesting people! You can learn more about Rabbit in Red here.

What can you do if you’re interested? I hope you’ll do a few things.

1.       Like my page on Facebook HERE. This is where I’ll be posting updates about All in the Reflexes, including the links to each live show, as well as info on some of my other projects.

2.       SUBSCRIBE, please, to THIS YouTube channel. This is where you will be able to find and watch episodes of All in the Reflexes.

3.       APPLY to be a guest. You can do it officially on website HERE. Or, if we already know one another, just shoot me a message on Facebook.

4.       Finally, SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter HERE. Just enter your e-mail on my website. I’ll be sending out info once a month, including the guests that will be featured on All in the Reflexes that month. Plus, you’ll be the first to hear news about upcoming projects, and there will always be prizes to give away. Always. I like prizes.

The show will certainly evolve, and I already have many ideas. But for now, I hope you’ll follow, watch, and give some love to cool people from our community.


Here's the Facebook event invite for episode two-- click "JOIN" and you'll get a reminder and any updates about the show!!! CLICK HERE. 

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