Saturday, July 9, 2016

I'm hiring!

Friends and readers,

It's time to get ready for volume two in the Rabbit in Red series! Burn the Rabbit will release in mid-September, and I'd like to put together an awesome team to help spread the word!

The number one lesson for success is this: It's other people who will make you successful. It's about asking for help. And so, I'm asking for your help.

I want to put together a special Burn the Rabbit Public Relations Team. And ANYONE can join!

Here's the job description:


You can be of any age, high school, college, retired-- it doesn't matter!

You can live anywhere. Any city, any state, any country.

You do need to be on Facebook.

Preferably, you enjoyed Rabbit in Red, have an enthusiastic spirit, and don't mind sharing things on FB!


We will do three or four simple things. It really won't take much of your time.

1. We will share Facebook posts about the book and try to increase likes.
2. We will participate in an online "party" the week the book releases.
3. We will engage in a few specific strategies to generate attention for the book.

Easy, fun stuff you can do from Facebook, even just a few minutes here and there! If any of that sounds vague, it's just because I'm still brainstorming all the ideas. Really, it's simple: You, your phone or computer, social media, and some creative ideas!


I'm not there yet where I can pay lots of money for help, especially if a lot of people sign up. That's why I need genuinely enthusiastic people, ones I consider friends willing to help, but I will pay you in creative ways. Here's just a sample of what I want to do for you in return:

1. YOUR names will be in the acknowledgements in Burn the Rabbit! You will be immortalized in print!

2. We will do one or two things as contests, in which you will have the chance to win cash prizes! So there is some $$$ involved, and only PR team members will be eligible to win.

3. If you need to build your resume, think of this as an AWESOME addition to your volunteering section! I'll help you phrase it perfectly, and we'll add some PR/marketing experience with an author to your resume! Now that's pretty cool.

4. There may need to be an actual party, too. One with food and drinks, on me.

5. FREE SWAG! I hope to get you all sorts of extra goodies. My hope is to do an official Rabbit in Red PR team shirt and maybe some other extra goodies.

Interested? Message me on Facebook or e-mail at I'd like to have the team put together by July 14. I'll add you to a private Facebook group where I'll share more details, and we'll get to work shortly thereafter.

Thanks, always, for your support!


A few people have asked, what are those "specific strategies" that you will ask us to do?

I'm thinking we will do a few different things, but think of it all as encouraged, not required. It's meant to be for fun and to generate buzz for the release! I'll post something in a private group on Facebook- a challenge for us. This would probably be a little something once or twice a month, something in July, 1 or 2 things in Aug, 1 or 2 things in Sept for the release. That's it!

For July: I'll put everyone into teams to generate new likes for these pages. Whichever team does the best wins gift cards!

In August: I'll set up a couple of giveaways, and ask everyone to spread the word! You will get to give away free copies of Rabbit in Red!

In Sept: we will promote the new release with a couple of activities, but it's all mainly just sharing posts, plus hopefully getting and reviewing the book, too. In return, I'll give a million thanks! It's the enthusiasm of a team- not just one person- that really makes something hot. Plus, I hope to do some special giveaways just for the team—so even more things for you to earn and win!

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