Saturday, August 27, 2016

Six Things To Expect From The Second Book

As we approach the release of Burn the Rabbit, I thought it would be fun to give you a spoiler-free preview of some of the fun. What can you expect from the second volume in the Rabbit in Red series?

1. Not everyone will survive.

Early in the story, one of our characters is violently attacked, and that act changes some of them-- one in particular. I really like the story-line and development for that character (it's not Bill) because at times this person will scare you. At times, you'll also probably dislike this character. That's all part of the story.

As the story continues, our characters face murder and death. Is it another twisted game? Once they see bodies that don't move or breathe, the answer is pretty obvious.

And what about the major characters? Are they safe?

I can't promise that. But I can promise that in book three (which has already been written; I know how it all ends), there's a funeral scene that just may make you cry. The question you'll have to ask: whose funeral is it?

2. We see a glimpse into JB's youth.

JB, perhaps, may be the most fascinating character. How did he become who he is? Is he twisted, mad, or genius? To help us understand JB, we'll see moments from his past: a scene from his childhood, several teenage experiences, and a dark, mysterious act as a young-adult.

It's all quite exciting, I think.

3. It's no longer only Bill's story.

I love Bill. How can you not love him? He's the awkward teen in love with a girl and obsessed with his passions. He lost his father. His mother hasn't really been 100% there. He's sure got a bit of me in him, and I hope he's got a bit of you, too. Rabbit in Red is told entirely through Bill's point-of-view. I knew that in volume two that I wanted to get inside the head of all of our characters-- to give the readers a chance to see what's going on in the minds of everyone.

Burn the Rabbit alternates point-of-view from scene to scene. We're not in everyone's head. But you get to see the world through more than Bill's eyes, including Jaime's, Wes's, Rose's, and more. They each bring new, fresh perspectives to the story. Plus, you'll get inside the head of a few others that may surprise you. Most chilling, you'll also be inside the head of the villain. That's how, in fact, Burn the Rabbit begins.

4. Some love blossoms; some love changes.

Just as our characters evolve, so do their relationships. There's at least one couple who grows together very sweetly. I try to do their relationship justice-- the love they have (and you'll see it) is full of passion. Others, though, that you may root for . . .

I should tell you that several new characters are also introduced in this book. Let me just tell you this: Burn the Rabbit gets hot for all sorts of reasons.

5. My favorite chapter is actually one full of humor.

When I was a kid, I took karate lessons. I'd come home and try to get my mom and dad to do the moves with me. Sometimes my parents would humor me. They looked so silly, and I'd laugh hysterically at my mom trying to karate kick.

It gave me this idea. What would Bill and Jaime have their moms do if they wanted their families to participate hands-on in their passions? Just wait to see what they have Sally Wise and Janet Stein do. I LOVE it. So freaking much. And I hope you'll laugh and enjoy it, too.

6. Welcome to Hellfire.

In terms of scares and excitement, I'm most proud of Hellfire. Hellfire becomes the new challenge in Burn the Rabbit. I don't want to give away the fun, but picture this: a haunted house enhanced by the virtual reality technology you saw in volume one. That will give you a taste of Hellfire, and it gets wicked crazy!

I hope all of that sounds as intriguing and exciting to you as it does to me. The book releases September 15. Say you're "going" to this Facebook event. It's there I'll share the links for the online release as well as give away some prizes!

If you're new to Rabbit in Red, request a copy at your favorite bookstore or order it from Amazon here. It's the perfect time to start following the rabbit.

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