Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Halloween Poem

I saw a spider on the door
As I reached for the knob.
It spun its web, trapped my hand,
And turned it into one pink blob.

I ran to the back door.
Only to be greeted by an army of wasps.
They flapped by my shoulder,
Reminding me that nature is boss.

I stared at an empty box
Left in my living room.
And then it opened on its own.
Its flaps-- like a ghostly flower-- bloomed.

Spiders, wasps, and ghosts in boxes
All of this is true.
To cleanse myself from evil.
I jumped in the shower with you.

Then my lover said, "come to bed."
So I crept into the sheets.
But a clown’s face greeted me
With teeth as bloody as beets.

I screamed when It bit me,
And the spider cast a web.
Then the wasp formed a nest
And the clown in my bed said:

"Happy, happy Halloween
I hope you like my friends
We’ll be here with you
Until the very end!"

A smiling jack-o-lantern
Sat on the window sill.
And with blood running from my face,
I knew that I was so very ill.

It was Halloween, all right,
Our greatest fears had come to be.
I had spiders, wasps, and clowns
Horror was all I could see.

But I laughed as blood soaked the sheets
And told them they were fools.
You’re messing with the wrong man.
I break all of Halloween’s rules.

And so I became the horror
That walked down the street,
To torment and freak
All of those who were meek.

On this night, our fears came true.
Do you have strength to fight them?
Because on one night, you will see
The evil only you can imagine.

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