Thursday, September 4, 2014


               The person who invades your dreams has extreme power.
                In sleep, we are most vulnerable.
                You came to me last night in my dreams.
                (How many times is it now?)
                Arms open.
                Crawling in my bed.
                I rolled, to make it easier for you.
                And then you kissed me.
                You stroked my body.
                Hand gliding down my chest.
                Making my back curl like a gymnast.
                You grabbed me.
                Put me inside you.
                I was in nothing less than heaven.
                But as we all must do,
                I woke up.
                And I lost you.
                (How many times is it now?)
                I roll over to an empty bed,
                And I long for one person.
                The one I will never have.
                The one who controls my dreams.
                The one with the power.

                The one who controls me.

- Written summer of 2004

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