Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Gift for Horror Fans

As Christmas quickly approaches, let me offer you a unique gift option for the horror fan in your life (or for yourself).

Rabbit in Red earned best horror book of 2016 by SIBA (Summer Indie Book Awards), and most recently was included in Horror Block as a special gift for thousands of horror fans around the world.

On Goodreads, it has over 80 reviews with an average over 4/5. On Amazon, it has over 70 reviews with a current average of 4.7/5.

It's been called the perfect book for horror movie lovers. In short, the book takes horror fans through a Willy Wonka journey where their favorite horror stories come to life!

The back-of-the-book blurb for Rabbit in Red

Here are special options to get a copy of this book-- including AUDIO, DIGITAL, and even SIGNED paperbacks!

Here's the cool thing about audio and digital copies: Maybe you're shopping last minute and need something NOW. Well, you can gift the audio or digital codes of the book!

1. Get the DIGITAL copy on Amazon for just $3.99 ($1 off the normal ebook price through the holidays).

2. Get the AUDIO book narrated by the awesome Fitz of Horror on Amazon, iTunes, or Audible. This is a perfect option for the horror movie lover in your life who may not like to read but would enjoy the story.

Those options above will allow you to get instant access to the book, and then you can send it to your friend or family member as a gift!

3. Get a signed paperback from our Etsy shop. This is a great deal, but please allow time to ship it to you.

4. Get paperbacks at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. (Note: Amazon told me "due to high demand, your paperback is currently out-of-stock, but we have ordered more and expect a shipment to arrive early this week." It may be best to order from B&N until that status changes.)

Perhaps they already have Rabbit in Red? The good news is that Burn the Rabbit, the second book in the series, is available now on e-book or paperback! Signed copies are also available from our Etsy shop.

So, take advantage of digital, audio, or paperback options and get the horror fan in your life a truly unique gift that will give them hours of enjoyment!

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