Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CONTEST-- Win a Free Horror Block!

Horror Block is the coolest pop-culture mystery subscription box in the world, and in November, they included my book, Rabbit in Red. It's been awesome already connecting with so many new readers, and I'm honored to receive your messages and thrilled you've enjoyed the read.

What I didn't know is that Horror Block had planned on sending me a free box this month. I already subscribe, so I actually received two boxes.

That gave me an idea-- CONTEST TIME! I will give away a complete November 2016 Horror Block box to one person in the United States (just to save on shipping costs, sorry, international friends). 

First, take a look at what you will win:

This is over $60 worth of goodies including: an adult large ugly Christmas sweater Cthulu design on a t-shirt, a Krampus Christmas ornament, an awesome Gremlins Christmas snow globe, Freddy vs Jason cookie cutters, and my book, Rabbit in Red with the Horror Block exclusive cover. Plus, you get a copy of Rue Morgue magazine, too. That's six awesome items! FOR FREE!


I'm looking for people to post a review of the second book in the Rabbit in Red series, BURN THE RABBIT. You'll post a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads, then share it on social media and tag me, and you're entered! That's all it takes.

You don't have to write a book report, friends. Just write a couple of lines about what you enjoyed (assuming you enjoyed it, I hope!). Short, simple reviews are perfectly fine!

Haven't read it? Get a copy online or order the paperback now! Or swing by your favorite bookstore and ask them for it. The app, Tapas, has copies, too.

So, let me get more detailed and break it down for you. Follow these steps by the Wed, Dec 14 to be entered to win this amazing Horror Block!

1. WRITE a review of Burn the Rabbit on Amazon or Goodreads. Yes, you get TWO entries if you post your review on both platforms! If you've already posted a review, you can still be entered to win. Just skip to step 2!

(Note: To write a review on Goodreads, you need to view "desktop mode) or access it from a computer.)

2. SHARE your review online or at least make a PUBLIC status about the book and tag my Facebook page, Joe Chianakas, or my Twitter account. This is how I'll be notified that you posted a review!

3. You have from today (Tues, Dec 6) until Wed, Dec 14-- a full week to do this! I'll get the Horror Block in the mail on Thursday, Dec 15 in hopes that you get it by Christmas! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE THURSDAY, DEC 15 in  the morning on my way to the post office!




My FACEBOOK PAGE-- be sure to LIKE this and TAG me when you share your review

My TWITTER handle-- in case you prefer Twitter, just tag me when you share your review

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