Friday, June 16, 2017

Bury the Rabbit Release Date!

I've got exciting news about the final book in the Rabbit in Red trilogy, Bury the Rabbit.

Originally published in fall 2015, Rabbit in Red went on to earn best horror book-of-the-year. It also got picked up by Horror Block, a mystery subscription box, and was sent to over ten-thousand subscribers. The response from their customers was “exceptional,” and so Horror Block even picked up the second in the series, Burn the Rabbit, to send to subscribers. Since then, Rabbit in Red has popped up in two other subscription boxes and has become an international hit.

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What can you expect out of the final book? 

Here’s a back-of-the-book teaser:

In this final volume of the Rabbit in Red trilogy, the scares move to real-world horror locations in the most bone-chilling challenges yet. The winner gets to claim ownership of Rabbit in Red and all its fortunes. But multiple villains all want the empire for themselves, and others seek deadly revenge.

Not everyone will survive, and the darkest night of Bill, Jaime, and the other Rabbit in Red students’ lives has only just begun. They discover surprises about their past and face their biggest threats. What will be their fate? Will they bury the rabbit forever?

The big questions now are: how can you get it and when?

I’m so excited to share with you a unique partnership. I’ve teamed up with BOOKLOOT, a monthly book subscription service that provides subscribers each month with a new release and 3-5 extra gifts that relate to the theme of the month.

No automatic alt text available.And—you’ve probably guessed it—we’re releasing Bury the Rabbit first to BookLoot subscribers! The book will be in their October box and will ship in the middle of the month. You’ll get a box full of scary goodies just in time for Halloween!

For me, I’m honored because this allows me to reach hundreds of new readers! For BookLoot, I will be encouraging my readers to subscribe to their service, especially for October.

And NOT ONLY will you be the FIRST to get Bury the Rabbit, you will get an exclusive TRILOGY edition if you get BookLoot's October box! We’re creating a special paperback edition with all three books in one and a NEW cover by Rabbit in Red artist, Camron Johnson Illustrations. How awesome is that!?!

Plus, Camron Johnson Illustrations will be providing an exclusive Pennywise print as one of the special gifts with my book. Wow! You can never go wrong with Pennywise. ("We all float down here . . .")

Over the next several months, I’ll be telling you a lot more about BookLoot. I’ve subscribed, so I will post photos and a review of what’s in the box each month leading up to my October launch.

Once the October BookLoot box ships, then we’ll make Bury the Rabbit available for purchase in all your bookstores and online shops around the world.

The official international release date for Bury the Rabbit has been set, and I couldn’t be more excited.

When is it?

Halloween. October 31, 2017. That’s when we bury the rabbit!

I hope you’ll grab the October BookLoot Box. You’ll get Bury the Rabbit before anyone else, and you’ll get the exclusive trilogy edition with the new cover. Then be sure to pick up Bury the Rabbit on Halloween, too-- you can never have too many books, right? 

I've never been more excited for fall.

Haven’t started the series?

Get Rabbit in Red and Burn the Rabbit on sale on Amazon for just 99 cents this week only (Kindle edition) to celebrate. Or request the paperback copies at your favorite local bookstore!

Or search for them on whatever platform you prefer to read. We even have a great audio edition for the first book on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. But if you ask me where to get them: always support local. Call your favorite bookstore and put in an order for the first two books today and get caught up!

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