Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Contest Time!

In just a few months (see release details here), the final Rabbit in Red book, Bury the Rabbit, will be available. It's been an amazing adventure, thanks to the enthusiasm of friends and readers like you.

So, to build momentum for the release of the final book, I'll be doing a bunch of different promotions this summer. The first is a giveaway in exchange for a review of Rabbit in Red and Burn the Rabbit (the first two books in the series) on Goodreads.

Reviews help authors reach new readers, and for your efforts, you will have a chance to win the following:

You get TWO prizes, if you win:

Prize one: Your choice of A) Rabbit in Red poster, B) Burn the Rabbit poster, C) SIGNED book of either Rabbit in Red or Burn the Rabbit, D) Rabbit in Red t-shirt

Prize two: Your choice of A) Bury the Rabbit poster or B) magnet of any book cover

How to enter:

1. Rate and review Rabbit in Red on Goodreads.
2. Rate and review Burn the Rabbit on Goodreads.
3. After you've done that, then please share either this blog or your Goodreads reviews or post a status/tweet/pic on any of your social media about the book. Tag me so I see it.

Contest begins Tues, June 13 and ends July 13. We will have weekly winners! Once you've done a review on Goodreads, you are entered for the entire contest.

This blog will be updated each week with winners posted below.


For our first week's winners (June 19), I'm not selecting just one winner. I'm selecting FOUR!

That's because I'm amazed at the turnout and response.


(Please don't be disappointed if you didn't win; I had someone do this drawing for me, too, so I would stay out of it and be unbiased, or I'd be giving away too many prizes!!!)

To claim your prize: Message me on my Facebook page with your choice of prize from category one and category two. If you want a t-shirt, I only have adult S, M, and L-- out of all other sizes. Be sure to message me your address, too.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE WHO ENTERED: You are still eligible to win! Others can still enter! And now here's your chance for a BONUS ENTRY!

Post a review on Amazon, too! Go to the following links: Rabbit in Red and Burn the Rabbit and submit your review. You could even just copy and paste your Goodreads review over to Amazon!


Joe Chianakas is the author of Rabbit in Red, a horror trilogy. Rabbit in Red won best horror book of 2016. It was picked up by Horror Block and sent to thousands around the world. The second book, Burn the Rabbit, hit #1 on Amazon’s hot new horror releases and is available now. The trilogy concludes this fall with Bury the Rabbit. Follow Joe on Facebook or visit his webpage here.

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