Monday, April 9, 2012

Fitness & Fun!

Welcome, world, to my new blog!

I'd like to offer a short introduction in hope that you will be interested in reading and sharing your ideas.

I have several goals in life, and starting a fitness and fun blog has been one of them. I'd like to share with the world what I am doing in terms of fitness and fun in hope that it will inspire you.

For ten years, I was a full-time high school English teacher. I also ran my own martial arts program in the public schools. In 2008, we were named the best youth program in the nation by Black Belt Magazine! Last year, I was offered a job as a college level instructor of communication. I jumped at the opportunity and am fully enjoying my new career!

Last summer, I became certified in Turbo Kick and started teaching Turbo Kick at our college's fitness center. I love the program-- it's one of the best cardio programs I have done!  On top of Turbo Kick, I am a fan of the Beachbody programs. I have completed Power 90, P90X, Insanity, and tried many others. I am currently doing P90X2 and am on day 29! I LOVE IT. It is such a challenging and inspiring workout.

For a long time, I have shared my love of these programs with others in person. I finally decided to take it to the next level. When I think about what I want to do most in the world, it's helping others. Whether that was through teaching in a high school or college, or teaching self-defense, or teaching fitness classes, I am the most happy when I see others doing things that will improve their lives. I want to continue to do that, and I hope readers will be inspired by what I do as well.

In future posts, I'd like to share workouts, challenges, fitness and nutrition tips and more. Sure, you can read a magazine and get similar information too, but what makes this different is that I am your average, full-time working, non-jock kind of guy. I like working out because of how it makes me feel. I eat like a normal person and don't go on crazy diets. I try to find that balance in the real world.

So I hope by starting this blog that we will be able to connect in many ways and share inspiration.

So what workouts do you do? What inspires you? What do you find to be the most fun?

I would love if you would check out my other pages as well. I'll be working on developing these pages over time. I'm on twitter: @joechianakas.

Whenever someone posts what they are doing to better themselves, I am motivated to work harder too. I simply hope I can do the same for you.

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