Friday, September 9, 2016

Audio Book Now Available!

I love a story where two or more passionate people stumble across one another, and when those passions collide, something great happens.

Nearly a year ago, I came across a Facebook page called Fitz of Horror. It was about horror movies, primarily-- a place to share and discuss one's favorites. Of course, I liked that right away, and when Rabbit in Red released (my book that Fitz called "a love letter to the horror movie genre"), I sent Fitz a message, asking if he'd share the book on his page.

He was enthusiastic and happy to do so (and since that day, I've noticed what a tremendous supporter he is to many horror creators and fans). Intrigued by the book, he asked for an autographed copy. For the shout-out, I glady sent him one.

Any writer is nervous what people may think of their work, and I was even more nervous about Fitz. You see, Rabbit in Red was written for people like him and me-- the horror junkies that just can't get enough, the ones who stay up too late to watch a movie, the ones for whom fall and Halloween are their favorite times of year.

Thankfully, Fitz loved it! He wrote a great review and continued to share it with all of his followers (as of the time of this post, he has 87,000 Facebook fans!).

As Rabbit in Red continued to find success, I decided it was time to do an audio book. I set up an audition, and to my surprise, Bryan Fitzgerald, the man behind Fitz of Horror, submitted an audition to read the book. It turned out to be fantastic. His voice enhanced the suspense and the terror I wanted to build, but at the same time, it provided empathy for the characters, allowing us to get into their hearts and minds. That's the combination I was looking for! Some readers were very good at being scary. Some were great at expressing a character's emotion. Fitz was able to do both.

We offered Fitz a contract for the audio book, and he accepted. He put in dozens and dozens of hours at a professional recording studio this summer, and now all of that hard work finally has a product!

I am proud to introduce the Fitz of Horror Audio Edition of Rabbit in Red!

You can buy a copy now on Audible, Amazon, or iTunes

I don't know about you, but several audio books I've tried have put me to sleep. Rabbit in Red, with Fitz's narration, is NOT one of those books. Download it today, and give yourself something incredibly unique to listen to on that drive to work or on your evening walks. You won't regret it.

Thank you and congratulations to Bryan Fitzgerald. Give his Fitz of Horror page a like, too, and be sure to follow along.

The sequel Burn the Rabbit releases this coming week!

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