Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book two now available!

Burn the Rabbit, Rabbit in Red 2, is now available!

It's here!

The first thing I'd like for every single one of you to do is to PLEASE grab the ebook from Amazon today. It's on-sale for 99 cents for a VERY short time to celebrate the release. Even if you're not an ebook fan, every single sale of the ebook is what really makes a difference in our ranking on Amazon.

My goal is to get to #1, but I will need help from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

Get the ebook today HERE.

But of course, if you're like me, you want that beautiful paperback in your hands, too. We've got you covered with two awesome events this weekend.

The first is at Zeek's Comics & Games for their one-year anniversary. I'll be there Saturday, September 17, from noon to 7. Get a signed copy of any of my books, including Burn the Rabbit. I'll have some bonus prizes for you as well!

Then on Sunday, September 18, I'll be at the Peoria Barnes and Noble from 2-4 signing copies of Burn the Rabbit! Hope to see you either at Zeek's or Barnes & Noble, whichever you can attend.


Don't forget: The new audio book is available, too!

I am so proud and honored to introduce to you the audio book for Rabbit in Red! It's narrated by Bryan Fitzgerald, the horror mastermind behind the hottest horror Facebook page, Fitz of Horror.

The book is available on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon. Click the link of your preferred retailer, and download Rabbit in Red today!

Know people who love audio? Tell them about it! This one won't make you fall asleep behind the wheel. Rabbit in Red makes for the perfect driving companion, and Fitz's voice gives the right emotion-- and the right terror-- to the story. I hope you'll check it out today.

I hope you'll support this project. Creating quality narration and the production of the reading took TONS of hours and tender-loving-care. I'm so glad such a big project landed in the hands of Fitz, as he took exceptional time and care to make this the best audio possible. Please get (OR GIFT!) a copy of the audio book today!

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