Monday, September 12, 2016

Tapastic News!

Hard work pays off, I like to think, and it's been a good summer for Rabbit in Red. First, Horror Block picked up the novel to send to 16,000 horror fans around the world in their November Block. Then we produced an amazing audio version of Rabbit in Red by the horror wizard behind Fitz of Horror. And just this weekend, the book was voted "Favorite Horror Book-of-the-Year" in the SIBA Readers' Choice Awards!

AND NOW, I'm proud to announce a partnership with Tapastic! Tapastic has launched a hot app available for your smartphones and tablets called Tapas.

Here's how Tapas describes themselves (you can learn more on their Facebook page or website):

Tapas is a new app for bite-sized, snackable stories. The word "Tapas” originally means bite-sized snacks in Spanish cuisine. Likewise, on our Tapas app, you can find appetizing “story snacks” for your curious mind.

Start reading thousands of novels, comics, and illustrated stories for free! Unlock episodes with keys — that’s like our version of power-ups. Unlocking episodes also directly benefits our awesome content creators and helps them continue doing the work they love.

I love finding creative ways of reaching readers, and a friend (thanks, Joe Maubach!) introduced me to to Tapas. I started using the app and was amazed at the content. The stories and comics are fresh and fun, and the app's design makes the content incredibly visually appealing. And I love the concept! We often take out our phones to spend just a few seconds or minutes in between life's responsibilities. Instead of just browsing the same social media streams, why not read something "bite-sized" and fun?

So, I took a risk and sent Tapas my work. They don't just publish anything. They want high-quality content for their users. I felt incredibly honored that they requested the full manuscripts of all my books, and even more excited when I got this message after they had a chance to read them: We really loved your stories and would love to get them on our platform! 

Rabbit in Red now available on Tapas!

I signed a contract to have my work available on Tapas, and I look forward to seeing this app grow!

Also available on Tapas!

So, my readers and friends, please take a moment to download the Tapas app for your iPhone/iPad or Android device. If you haven't read Rabbit in Red, Nightmares Under The Moonlight, or Burn the Rabbit, all three will be available on Tapas. If you have read them, browse the other books and comics. There's a lot of cool work on this program!

Coming to Tapas this week!

Thank you, Tapas, for the honor of being included!

Get Rabbit in Red on Tapas here!

Get Nightmares Under The Moonlight on Tapas here!

Burn the Rabbit is available here!

Follow me, the author of Rabbit in Red on Facebook, and visit my webpage here for more info on my books!

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