Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 6 of 31 Days of Halloween

I was challenged by my local Barnes & Noble to develop a list of 31 horror movies to watch, one a day for October. My only problem is that I couldn't pick just one.

For October 6, enjoy the following picks!

Horror Author Joe Chianakas pick-of-the-day:


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I spend my days teaching college students, many of whom are fresh out of high school. They've heard of Pennywise, but the majority have not seen this movie. This is a TV miniseries at its best. Sure, it doesn't show the blood and guts or special effects like we have today. But those kids are damn good in their roles. It's their reactions-- and the reactions of their adult counterparts-- that made me afraid of Pennywise. The clown itself is fantastic. Played by Tim Curry, Pennywise uses humor to lure you in and then gets you when you're most vulnerable. It's a must-watch. Plain and simple. I have hopes the remake will be good, too, but this movie is simply fantastic. It just became available on blu-ray, too.

Available on: Blu-ray, Amazon, iTunes

Rabbit in Red pick-of-the-day (a movie referenced in my horror series):

It Follows

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When I first read the reviews for It Follows, I couldn't wait to see it in theaters. It opened up in my hometown, and I took my friends and made us all get there a half-hour early. We were the only ones in the theater, and I definitely hyped it up too much. Leaving, we were confused. Was it good? Was it artsy? What the hell was it?

I loved the music, though, and listened to the music while I wrote Burn the Rabbit, especially for some of the more intense scenes. Then it came on HBO or something late one night, and I gave it a second chance. Then I kinda fell in love with it. Weird how that happens. You have to go in knowing this is a slow burn, that it's a bit of a mind-trip (what year does it take place?), and enjoy it for what it is. On the second go-around, I found this movie to be as great as the critics had said. I just had to hate it for awhile to get there.

Available on: Showtime, iTunes, Amazon

The Magnificent Movie Emporium pick (join the movie group by clicking the link):

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It's a Robert England flick that Rotten Tomatoes criticizes as "over-the-top gore" and "campy acting." Sounds like a perfect Halloween movie to me!

Available on: Amazon, iTunes

Want more? My friend Bryan at Fitz of Horror, the hottest horror movie page on Facebook, is posting favorite movies by the HOUR this month!

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