Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 7 of 31 Days of Halloween

My horror series, Rabbit in Red, has been called "a love letter to horror movies." If you've read it, you know I love my horror! And every October, I enjoy watching as many horror movies as possible. Don't you?

I was challenged by local Barnes & Noble to develop a list of 31 horror movies to watch, one a day for October. My only problem is that I couldn't pick just one.

For October 7, enjoy the following picks!

Horror Author Joe Chianakas pick-of-the-day:

The Cabin in the Woods

Image result for The Cabin in the woods

What's not to love about this movie? If you haven't seen it, call in sick to work NOW, and watch it NOW. Seriously. It's a horror-lovers orgy.

You've got the classic cabin in the woods setup, but there's a twist. This is all some kind of end-of-days government project? And there are really hundreds of monsters that could be unleashed any moment? WHAT?

Just watch it, kick back, and enjoy a thoroughly creative and humorous horror flick.

Available on: Check Syfy-- they're showing it several times this month. Also on iTunes and Amazon.

Rabbit in Red pick-of-the-day (a movie referenced in an upcoming part of my horror series):


Image result for Hush

This is a great film brought to us by Blumhouse (Jason Blum; JB-- anyone make that connection?).

Home invasion movies scare me more than any other type of horror, usually. This one-- imagine being deaf and having a home intruder break in. You can't even hear him creep up on you. Ahhh! It's a good film.

Available on: Netflix

The Magnificent Movie Emporium pick (join the movie group by clicking the link):

My friend Dave runs a fun movie group on Facebook, so I've been asking him for his picks, too, to give you some extras!

The Thing (1982)

Image result for The Thing 1982

It's John Carptener, it has an all-star cast, there's an alien craft in the Antarctic-- what more can you ask for? Classic Halloween fun!
Available on: Amazon, iTunes

Want more? My friend Bryan at Fitz of Horror, the hottest horror movie page on Facebook, is posting favorite movies by the HOUR this month!

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